This section contains SETE membership information for enterprises / associations and unions which are interested becoming Member of SETE.

The following can join the Association as Members:

1. Natural or legal entities involved in tourism enterprises operating under private economic criteria, in accordance with the rules of private economics, and in particular:

a) hotels
b) travel and tourism agencies
c) car rental and tourism land transport enterprises
d) marine tourism and yachting enterprises
e) airlines and tourism air transport enterprises
f) other tourism enterprises whose turnover is affected significantly by the Greek tourism flow.

For business sectors not belonging in one of the above categories, a decision of the Association's Board of Directors is required for classification as a tourism sector.

2. Legal unions of the aforementioned enterprises and umbrella organizations (associations of associations).

3. Unions of professionals.

4. Affiliate Members

Each new Member application must be seconded by two of the Association’s regular Members.

Please read the articles of association, the code of ethics, and the list of subscriptions, and please find out about the advantages and services provided to Members of the Association.