SETE provides a series of timely, reliable and often exclusive services to its Members, in a joint effort to create a more favourable environment for boosting tourism and entrepreneurship.

The reference framework for the services offered by SETE to its Members is based on their information, participation and promotion.

Throughout the year, Members of the Association receive Circulars, studies and data about the markets that are of interest for Greek tourism, as well as about specific market segments.Moreover, SETE Members receive the press releases and the interventions made by SETE to the Greek government and the broader public sector. Learn moreHere

The events organized by SETE are aimed at achieving a constructive intervention in public consultation and at providing information for all stakeholders. By actively participating in the Association’s meetings and events, SETE Members can contribute to the elaboration of views and proposals on tourism policy. Learn more Here

As a faithful supporter of electronic communications and e-media, SETE ensures the promotion of its Members, of their individual products and services, and of corporate responsibility actions, through its renewed website and innovative electronic publications SETE Members are promoted via the Association’s website, events and publications, and can use the Association’s logo that states they are a “SETE Member”. Learn more  Here