Benefits for Members



SETE Members network, communicate and colaborate with other selected enterprises in the sector, through its two main categories:
•    Pan-Hellenic Unions of Tourism Enterprises
•    Indepedent Tourism Enterprises
•    Affiliate Members



SETE Members are informed in a timely manner of developments taking place in the domestic and international tourism markets:
• Information system through circulars regarding events, exhibitions, conferences, new market trends, as well as SETE’s overall activity.
• e-Newsletters featuring Business News and Corporate Responsibility actions implemented by SETE Members
• Websites 

•     Press Releases, participation in public consultation regarding Tourism


SETE Members have access to the files of SETE and its library, which is constantly enriched and contains more than 1350 titles. There is also an online library, providing information addressed exclusively to SETE Members. The full list of publications is available at


SETE Members are represented within national and international organizations.


  • participates in the National Council of Tourism and in the National Council of Competitiveness and Development;
  • is a member of the World Tourism Organization;
  • is a member of TTPC (The Travel Partnership Corporation);
  • is an active participant actively in World Tourism Organization Business Council, where in 2007 SETE was elected to its presiding board, after its term in the Vice-Presidential capacity between the years of 1997 and 2007;
  • is represented at the Employers’ Group of the EESC, and has been named as a social partner thereof.


SETE Members enjoy special rates for conferences, seminars and sector-specific exhibitions.
SETE is present at all promotional events concerning tourism.


  • SETE Members receive reports, studies and research papers relating to Greek Tourism and competitive sectors, free of charge.
  • SETE Members enjoy special rates for the Association’s sponsorship programme.
  • SETE Members enjoy special rates for the acquisition of .travel domain names.
  • SETE Members participate in working groups elaborating specific themes (marketing – sales, human resources,new technologies).
  • SETE Members participate actively in the Association’s meetings and events, thus contributing to the expression of views and proposals on tourism policy.
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