SETE Members fall into two main categories :

• Panhellenic Unions of Tourism Enterprises and

• Indepedent Tourism Enterprises


Unions of Tourism Enterprises representing on national level the accomodation, travel, transportation (air, land and sea) exhibitions, conferences and other sectors related to tourism industry.

Indepedent enterprises represent the entire range of direct and indirect tourism activities.


SETE Members are characterised by their commitment to quality, their interest in the protection of the natural environment and the promotion of Greek culture. The representative nature of SETE members ensures that a common approach is adopted and that an integrated view of Greek tourism is obtained. SETE Members:

• Communicate and colaborate with other selected enterprises;

• are informed in a timely manner of developments in the tourism sector;

• have access to SETE archives and library;

• enjoy special rates for conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc;

• receive free studies and research;

• increase their visibility through the Association’s website, events and publications.

By participating in the Association’s committees, meetings, events and general assemblies, SETE Members are able to forward their views to the Government and the public sector as a whole. In this way, they contribute to creating a more favourable environment for the development of tourism and entrepreneurship.