Elizabeth Vlachou

Born in Piraeus in 1977.

n the period 1994-1996, she studied at the Business College of Athens (BCA), Department of Hotel and Tourism Enterprises. At the same time, she obtained a Hospitality Management Diploma from the American Hotel & Motel Association (AH&MA).

She speaks very good English (Proficiency diploma, 1997), and has a good command of French.

She started her career as assistant F & B Manager at the Cavo D'oro Hotel (1996). She also worked as secretary at the International Cargo Gear Bureau (1997).

Elisabeth Vlahou started working with SETE in March 1998..


Eleni Glava

Born in Athens in 1975, she is married and a mother of two.

In the period 1994-1996, she studied at the SELECTIKA Institute for Business Studies, Administrative Assistants Training Department. She also studied at the Galatsi OAED Professional Training Institute, Administrative and Financial Business Executives Training Department, in the period 1996-1998.

She speaks very good English (First Certificate in English, Cambridge, 1990) and has completed her studies in Italian language (Diploma di Lingua Italiana, Italian Educational Institute, 1998).

She began her career at ASPECT HELLAS, a firm of Business Consultants in 1998, and went on to work for INFORMATION RESOURCES HELLAS (IRI). Between 1998 and 2002 she worked for OLYMPIC AIRWAYS S.A.

Eleni Glava started working with SETE in April 2002


Maria Glatzi

Born in Athens in 1978, she grew up on the island of Aegina.

She graduated from the Department of Social Theology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She speaks good English (First Certificate in English).

She has worked for “GULF AIR’, an airline based in Bahrain. Between 2003 and 2005 she worked for the Digital Television company "MULTICHOICE HELLAS S.A.", in the clientele management department. Between 2005 and 2010 she worked as PR and customer service manager for a courier company.

Maria Glatzi started working with SETE in April 2010.


Aggeliki Karagouni

Born in Athens in 1979.

She studied Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She completed her studies at the same university, with a Master’s degree in Management of Services, specialising in Tourism. Her academic interests include the application of Marketing theory to non-product sectors (e.g. services, destinations).

She began her career as a Marketing Executive at Johnson & Johnson Hellas (2002-2007) and went on to work for the Communication and Advertising sector (2007-2009).

She speaks very good English and French.

Aggeliki Karagkouni started working with SETE in June 2009.


Xenophon Petropoulos

Xenophon Petropoulos has extensive experience in strategic communication. For the past twelve years he has worked in the communication and public affairs sector for numerous private companies and organizations (Coca-Cola, V + O Communication, Frigoglass, Nutriart, SEV Business Council for Sustainable Development, Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, etc.).

He studied Marketing in Athens and holds an MSc Corporate Communication & Public Affairs from Aberdeen Business School.

He is certified customer service trainer, internal verifier and inspector.

He began his collaboration with SETE in January 2012.


Μαρίνα Τσίκου

She studied at the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

After completing her studies, she travelled and lived abroad (Germany, Turkey, Austria, etc.) thanks to her participation in European youth programmes.

Upon her return to Greece, she worked, among other projects, as an editor for the monthly travel magazine Traveller’s Icons, and as administrative assistant for the consultancy and advertising firm iDealogy.

She speaks very good English, as well as Spanish and German.

Marina Tsikou started working with SETE in April 2010.


Ioannis Faidros

Born in Athens in 1983.

He studied Business Administration at the University of the Aegean (Chios department), and completed his studies with a Postgraduate degree in Marketing & Communication with New Technologies at the Athens University of Economics & Business.

He was employed by Lafarge Beton, in the aggregates sector, as coordinator of the "systematic pricing" project.

He speaks English.

He began working with SETE in November 2010.


Alexander Lamnidis

Alexander Lamnidis has over 30 years of experience in Human Resources, Total Quality Management, Franchising Networks, General Management, Strategy inception, Sales and Boardroom counseling. Former Executive Director of Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, President of Trekking Hellas and Managing Director of Cardiac Solutions, he is currently the General Manager of SETE.