Who is SETE?

SETE (Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. The Association was established in 1991. It represents unions of tourism enterprises and entrepreneurs that are directly or indirectly involved in Tourism.

What is the porpose of SETE?

SETE aims constantly at boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role of Greek tourism in the economy as a whole.

Who can become a SETE member?

SETE Members include enterprises from sectors of the broader tourism economy, which are either directly or indirectly involved in tourism activities.

Individual enterprises-Members of SETE come from the following categories:

  • Hotels
  • Travel Agencies
  • Transportation (air transport, shipping, car rentals, yachts, cruise ships, coaches)
  • Tourism related Companies (catering, real estate, vineyards-wineries, development companies, fair-conference organisers, special tourism infrastructure – golf, marinas, conference centres etc., publishing, education, equipment, restaurants, marketing-management companies, construction companies, museums, multi-purpose venues, business consultants, banks)


Which Pan-Hellenic Unions & Associations does SETE represent?

SETE’s Members include the following 14 Pan-Hellenic Unions of Tourism Enterprises:
HHF (Hellenic Hotel Federation)
SEEDDE Business Confederation of Rented Rooms and Apartments of Greece)
SΕΕΝ Association of Passenger Shipping Companies)
HAPCO (Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers)
HATTA (Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies)
HPYOA (Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association)
GSRA (Greek Car Rental Companies Association)
GEPOET (General Pan - Hellenic Federation of Tourism Enterprises)
HACA (Hellenic Air Carriers Association)
ELIME (Hellenic Ports Association)
AGECO (Association of Greek Exhibition & Conference Organisers)
SΑΑΕ (Hellenic Association of Airline Representatives)
GMA (Greek Marinas Association)
S.EP.O.A (Association of Organised Branded Food Service Chains)

What benefits do SETE members enjoy?

Information:SETE Members receive circulars, studies and data on developments in the domestic and international tourism market, as well as on SETE's activities in general.They have access to the Association’s records and library and are served on a priority basis.

Participation: SETE Members are able to participate in the Association’s meetings and events, thus contributing to the expression of views and proposals on tourism policy.

Promotion: SETE Members are promoted via the Association’s website, events and publications, and can use the Association’s logo that states they are a “SETE Member”.

Find details of the services provided by the Association to its Members here.

How can an enterprise become a member of SETE?

If you are interested in becoming a SETE Member, please click here

What is SETE's International presence?

SETE has developed significant activity on the international tourism forum, through its cooperation with distinguished foreign organisations and tourism bodies. The Association participates in various international committees, working groups and councils, either as a full member or as an observer.Find details of the Association’s international collaborations 

What events does SETE organize annually?

The General Assembly and the “Tourism & Development” Conference take place on an annual basis, while seminars, press conferences, regional events and working lunches take place throughout the year.

How many tourists visited Greece last year and what was the overall receipt from tourism?

An estimated 16.9 million tourists (including cruise passengers) visited Greece in 2012, with an overall receipt of 10,442.5 mi. EUR (including cruise receipts).

What are the top 5 markets for Greek Tourism?

The top 5 markets for Greece in 2012 are Germany (13.6%), Great Britain (12.4%), FYROM (8.4%), France (6.3%) and Russia (5.6%) (2012 market shares).

How many hotels are based in Greece and how the sypply of hotel beds is disributed?
How does Greece rank in the Global Tourism Economy?

Among 199 countries, Greece is 23rd in terms of receipts and 17th with regard to international arrivals (2012 ranking).

What is Greek tourism's contribution to GDP and emloyment?

Tourism’s overall (direct and indirect) contribution to GDP amounts to 16.4%, while it is estimated that tourism accounts for 18.3% of total employment (2012).