SETE aims at constantly boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role of tourism in the Greek economy.

SETE envisions a balanced growth of the tourism sector, aimed at improving performance and increasing the number of arrivals and overnight stays, while improving the distribution of tourism supply throughout the country, and improving the distribution of demand over time. The above objectives are pursued within the framework of environmental protection, and with the utmost respect for and promotion of Greek culture.

Fields of Action

SETE makes a decisive contribution to the upgrading & reinforcement of the competitiveness of Greek tourism, through
interventions in public consultations on tourism, an international presence and activity, ongoing research & timely briefings, and by placing emphasis on education and ongoing training.


  • Demonstrates the economic, social and environmental importance of tourism to the Government, local authorities, public and private entities;
  • Informs the Government, the broader public sector and the business community regarding developments on the international tourism market;
  • Promotes co-operation between public and private sectors;
  • Supports and promotes the corporate principles of its Members;
  • Represents its Members in national and international organisations;
  • Creates partnerships between individual tourism sectors and between tourism and other sectors of the economy;
  • Aims for the creation and dissemination of tourism industry know-how;
  • Cooperates with Greek and international research centres in the fields of tourism and economics.